Eric "Here Comes Trouble" Gifford

A natural born warrior, I was born with a rare colon disorder known as "Hirschsprung's disease" at the tender age of six weeks old until I was two, I would undergo three different emergency colon reconstruction surgeries, each time removing two inches at a time from his colon. A few years later with bouncing back one day in the park as a youngster some kid was picking on my sister on the play ground, I walked up to see what was wrong and this kid karate chopped me in the neck, I fell to my knees in agony for a few seconds. I picked myself, dusted myself off and said that is never happening to me again.

At the age of six I began studying TA kw-on do under Master Yu knun Kim, a 5th degree black belt, I learned very quickly and began to fall in love with point sparring. By the age of ten I was asked if I would like to test for my black belt, I began to study rigorously for six months, in May of 1990 I tested and was given the rank of black belt 1st dan, the youngest in my dojo. One year later I was asked to try out for the junior Olympics which was held here in Cincinnati in June of 1991, I won all three fights it took to get to the tournament. When I entered the tournament I was the smallest of the bunch, and I went home with three gold medals. My sensei made me understand that if you can fight with a calm heart and calm mind, the fight is yours...

A year or so later I found the art of rock climbing; I engulfed myself in the training it would take to become a champion. I climbed five days a week, for hours a day, and on the weekends some of the older guys from the gym would take me to the red river gorge to hang the gear for them on their projects. About a year after I started I began to compete, a few months later I found myself competing at the national level, I stayed there at the top for more than five years. I knew from the first time I climbed that I would want to do it for the rest of my life, the same way the first time I put a gee on I knew I wanted to study Martial Arts for the rest of my life as well. Almost twenty years later I'm still doing both, but in 2001 it was almost all taken from me.

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Ohio MMA Championship

  • Apr 24th
  • Cincinnati OH
  • US Bank Arena Map


  • Name: Eric Gifford
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 145lb
  • Record: 3-1
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • Style: Trained in the art of Badass
  • Organization: FITE